How Frequently Should My Filter Be Changed?

Depending on your family, every 30 to 90 days. We recommend checking them at least once every thirty days; if you notice discoloration or buildup, you should replace them. The system will operate at its maximum efficiency and last longer if the filter is clean.

Where Is My Home’s Main Water Supply Shutoff?

This is usually near your water heater, but if you can’t find it, give Twin Peaks Plumbing, Heating & Gas a call and one of our trained technicians will gladly assist you.

How Frequently Should I Have a New Water Heater Installed or Replaced?

If there are any indications that the tank is leaking water. Water heater tanks typically fail between the ages of 9 and 11 in our region.

Do I qualify for grants or rebates?

If you call our office, we will do our best to assist you and can provide the City of Nanaimo links to help you determine your eligibility.

How soon can you arrive?

Our Diamond Club Members have priority status, and we do our best to prioritize emergency calls over non-emergency ones. We make every effort to reach your house as soon as possible. Please contact our office to inquire about our available times.

What are the benefits of joining the Diamond Club?

Priority service, a discounted service fee, reduced rates for maintenance and repairs, and an annual inspection of your entire home’s heating and plumbing systems.