Twin Peaks Plumbing, Heating & Gas installs, maintains, and repairs Sump Pumps in Nanaimo, BC, to provide the benefits of a functional pump. A functional sump pump prevents flooding in your crawlspace and basement and keeps your home dry. Therefore, if this tool breaks down, we can provide professional sump pump repair services to prepare your home for heavy rainfalls.

Besides preventing your home from flooding, a sump pump helps remove moisture and prevent corrosion and rust of metal appliances and paint from peeling. Since you need the tool to function effectively, it’s wise to conduct prompt repairs as soon as you notice something wrong with it. A certified and professional plumbing expert can inspect, diagnose and fix a sump pump before it completely breaks down.

Quality Sump Pumps in Nanaimo

You might not notice a malfunctioning sump pump until it stops functioning and there’s water in your crawlspace or basement. Fortunately, you can watch out for warning signs that you need professional repairs. If you notice strange noises or the pump moans or whines, you need an expert to inspect it and conduct repairs. Any strange sounds are a warning sign that the appliance will break down or wear out, and it needs professional help.

If the appliance is running when there isn’t water to pump out, you need professional assistance. It could signify a clog or incorrect installation. Disconnect it as you wait for an experienced professional to check and repair it. When the pump fails to drain or run when it rains, it’s best to hire an expert to inspect it, even if it doesn’t cause flooding. A failing sump pump might not pump water out of the crawlspace or basement as fast as it should. Consequently, you might notice strange odors from mold and mildew growth, leading to health concerns.

Here are tips to avoid frequent and unnecessary sump pump repairs:

  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Check the discharge pipe
  • Avoid a frozen sump pump
  • Lubricate pump bearings