The last thing you would want as a homeowner is to have a malfunctioning HVAC system during the winter months. To avoid this, you should schedule an HVAC tune-up before the onset of the cold season. While regular maintenance is essential for your HVAC unit to work efficiently throughout the year, many homeowners and business owners often neglect their HVAC systems during winter. A tune-up will help your unit operate more reliably during winter and promote system efficiency.

During a tune-up appointment, an HVAC expert inspects the whole unit, repairs or replaces any failing parts, and fixes any issues before they become more severe and costly to address. Your unit will be in full operation during winter and requires a fully functional system to support the high heat demands. Here are some top reasons to consider scheduling an HVAC tune-up this winter.

1. Improve Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

Homeowners have increased heat demands as temperatures get colder during winter. Therefore, their heating systems are more likely to be in operation most of the time compared to other seasons. The increased wear and tear due to the constant operation may cause the unit to have a lot of inefficiencies. Professional maintenance is necessary to ensure the unit operates efficiently. HVAC experts from Twin Peaks Plumbing, Heating & Gas inspect and clean its components, ensuring they work correctly and up to specifications. The experts may check the system’s moving parts, clean its vents and ducts, replace its air filters, refill its depleted refrigerant, and check the thermostat’s settings. After the tune-up, the system will likely operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and saving you money on your energy bills.

2. Prevent Damage and Extend Your Unit’s Lifespan

HVAC systems comprise various components, which can wear down or become damaged over time, leading to breakdowns or complete system failure. When performing an HVAC tune-up, an HVAC expert can identify problems with your system and fix issues before they become severe. They do so by conducting repairs and replacements of the components as needed. Thus, a tune-up prevents further damage to a component that would have otherwise become worse and affected the overall condition of your whole system. For example, replacing an air filter prevents your system from overheating and damaging the rest of the components. By taking a proactive approach to maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your HVAC system.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Humidity

Your HVAC system’s condition directly affects your home’s indoor air quality. During summer, your HVAC system runs less frequently, allowing dust and debris to accumulate in its components. When you turn on your heating system during winter, the air blowing through the ducts can be filled with allergens and pollutants, compromising indoor air quality. A tune-up before winter is crucial to ensure the air you breathe is healthy and fresher even when your unit is operating.

One primary way to improve indoor air quality is by replacing dirty air filters. By scheduling an HVAC tune-up during winter, our technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your HVAC unit’s components designed to improve air quality. Poor air quality can also significantly impact your health, as excess dust pollen can cause many respiratory infections. The humidity and dust can also lead to foul smells, making your home uncomfortable.

4. Increase Safety

Winter can be a dangerous time of year for homeowners who neglect their HVAC systems. HVAC units may become safety hazards if they do not undergo a regular and thorough tune-up. Scheduling an HVAC tune-up during winter can help ensure your safety during the cold season. When assessing your unit, experts examine if there are any leaking gases like carbon monoxide from your unit. By having a professional inspect your heating system, you can identify and address any issues before they become major problems. This can prevent carbon monoxide leaks, electrical problems, and other hazards that may arise with extended use of your HVAC system during winter. Apart from carbon monoxide, an HVAC technician also checks whether there is little or no gas combustion that can lead to fire hazards.

5. Get You Peace of Mind

No homeowner would want a failing or malfunctioning HVAC system during winter. If your unit breaks down in the cold season, you will likely end up in the cold without any heat source. An HVAC professional will help you avoid such inconveniences and provide you with a constant heat supply. Homeowners are guaranteed a heat supply throughout winter by avoiding major system failures. An HVAC tune-up guarantees enhanced comfort and eliminates the hustle of dealing with chilly spots or sudden blasts of cold air.

6. Validate Your Warranty

HVAC manufacturing companies require homeowners to service their units on a regular schedule. Failure to do so can cause homeowners to lose the warranty on their systems. Warranties guarantee homeowners payment for most of their HVAC system repairs and replacements on the condition that they follow the due process of servicing their systems. Therefore, scheduling a professional tune-up might save you a lot of costs in the event of a system breakdown or malfunction. HVAC professionals from Twin Peaks Plumbing, Heating & Gas can provide your manufacturer with records of servicing and validate your warranty to reduce or eliminate your repair costs.

7. Follow EPA Recommendations

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners conduct regular tune-ups on their systems to save energy and emit fewer fossil fuels. Thus, homeowners benefit from better indoor air quality and protect the environment because it reduces their carbon footprint. Since it becomes more efficient and homeowners spend less energy running these systems, they can also be subject to rebates from relative government agencies. Therefore, you can cut energy costs and receive rebates, making your energy costs relatively cheaper.

Contact Your Local HVAC Professional

Scheduling an HVAC tune-up during winter is essential for homeowners and business owners who want to keep their heating systems in good working order. Doing so can help improve system efficiency, prevent damage, improve indoor air quality, and help prepare for any sudden weather changes. Additionally, a well-maintained heating system can help keep occupants safe and comfortable throughout the season. You can count on our licensed technicians from Twin Peaks Plumbing, Heating & Gas for expert HVAC tune-ups. We can also handle any heating and cooling installation or repair needs throughout the year. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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