Plumbing issues can be every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Sewer repairs can be costly and cause property damage or health problems. Thankfully, advances in video technology allow plumbers to perform repairs more quickly, effectively and affordably.

Sewer lines are installed under your home’s foundation and typically run through your yard to a septic tank or a municipal sewage system. In the past, it would have been necessary to excavate the entire sewer line to find the problem. A sewer camera inspection is a more effective and less disruptive solution.

How Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

A flexible rod with a waterproof high-definition camera is inserted into your pipe. This can be pushed through the pipe and reach spaces that would otherwise be difficult to get to. A plumber carefully watches a video feed from ground level. With a clear view of what’s obstructing your pipe, it’s possible to complete repairs quickly and effectively. This saves you time and prevents any unnecessary inconvenience or property damage. A recording is made of the entire inspection to analyze later and review with the property owner.

Like anything in your home, your pipes receive a great deal of wear and tear over time. Trees and roots on your property can cause serious damage. If your pipes were installed before 1980, they are also much more likely to crack because of the materials used in pipe manufacturing. A sewer camera inspection gives the plumber an accurate picture of what’s going in with your sewer or water line.

When Do I Need a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Sewer line issues are serious business. If your sewer line gets backed up, it can mean more than just a slow drain. If the problem grows worse, it can result in flooding in your home, place of business or yard. In addition to property damage, this can also turn into a serious health hazard. Once it reaches this point, you’re faced with an expensive problem to fix. With a sewer inspection via video, many potential problems can be addressed before they turn into a disaster.

Leaks are an unfortunately common problem with sewer lines. However, detecting the precise origin of the leak isn’t as simple as looking for moist soil on your property. A video inspection can pinpoint the exact source of the leak before repairs are made.

There are many situations where you should consider hiring a professional for a sewer camera inspection. Some examples include:
  • Slow drains
  • Backed up drain or sewer lines
  • Higher water bills than normal
  • Persistent sewage odor

Like many issues with your home, sewer issues can get worse if they aren’t addressed in a timely manner. If you notice toilets that aren’t flushing, clogged drains or foul smells, don’t put it off. Many homeowners try to save money and deal with slow drains only to find out they’re faced with costly repairs later. Catching problems as early as possible helps to save you more money in the long run. Sewer camera inspections can help you do just that.

Sewer camera inspections can also help prevent problems with tree roots. Tree roots are one of the biggest problems out there when it comes to your pipes. Without extremely careful planning of your landscape, this can also be a difficult problem to prevent. The moisture from your drain line can actually cause roots to become attracted to your pipes. Over time, they can begin to grow around them or even get inside. This can cause severe problems with your plumbing, such as major clogs or leaks. It can also cause the sewer line to collapse if the roots expand. With a sewer camera inspection, experts can see if your pipes are being threatened by roots and take preventative measures. It’s also possible to identify the exact spot where your line has been penetrated by roots to make repairs.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

One of the biggest benefits of a sewer camera inspection is the fact that it’s non-invasive. Before advanced video camera technology, properly identifying a sewer issue often meant extensive excavation. This involves digging a trench on your property. Now, experienced plumbers can see exactly what’s going on without any disruption to your property. With a clear view of what is happening inside your pipes, our plumbers can get right to work on only the section of pipe that needs it.

Sewer camera inspections can also save you money. Identifying the problem quickly can significantly reduce the repair time and overall cost.

A sewer camera inspection can detect a wide range of common sewer and drain issues. Some examples include:
  • Pipe leaks
  • Root intrusion
  • Grease built up
  • Pipe collapse
  • Cracking and deteriorating pipes

Prevent Major Repairs with Video Inspection

Sewer camera inspections are great for the long-term health of your sewer pipe lining. Debris buildup on your pipes is a reality for any property owner. Cooking grease, soap scum, garbage and other particles all contribute to this accumulating layer of grime and gunk. This inevitably leads to slower and even clogged drains. By performing a video inspection, it’s possible to determine how severe the issue is. This can make the difference between a simple pipe cleaning and having to perform major repairs. This can save you considerable money as well as avoid the inconvenience.

Hidden issues can become costly repairs if they go undetected. While you may call for a specific problem, we can easily check for other potential issues while performing the inspection. This way they can be dealt with before you call again for repairs. Sometimes a video inspection will be performed after repairs are completed. This will give you peace of mind, knowing the repair was completed adequately with no further issues. Prepare for the future and give yourself peace of mind knowing no more issues are looming around the corner.

A sewer camera inspection is also a great idea if you’re considering purchasing a home. While your property may look fine on the surface, it can be difficult to really know what’s going on in your pipes. With a camera inspection, you can really find out if any issues are lurking below the surface. This can save you from having to make expensive repairs later. The findings of the inspection can also help you negotiate a better price, making it well worth the investment. This is also important if you’re considering a home renovation or need to ensure your pipes are up to code for insurance.

Call an Expert for Sewer Camera Inspection

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