Your water heater stores a large amount of hot water, typically between 151 and 227 litres. This water is kept in the tank and heated to a certain degree until you use it. You may be wondering what the ideal setting to keep your water heater at is to best meet your needs. You can find the suggested setting by referencing the user manual or the information sticker on your unit. The recommended range will also depend on factors like the outdoor temperature or how often you use hot water.

Let’s look at some examples to help you understand the best temperature for your home’s water heater.

Best Temperature for Summertime

The optimal temperature for the water heater in the summer is between 49 and 57 degrees Celsius. In this range, you will conserve energy by minimizing the energy needed to heat the water. If the temperature is set below 49 degrees, you might not be able to achieve a thorough cleaning while taking your shower. If the temperature is set above 57 degrees, however, you risk scalding, so you shouldn’t put it over this range.

Best Temperature for Winter

The temperature range for winter should be between 49 and 60 degrees Celsius. You will avoid wasting energy in this range by keeping the water from freezing inside the pipes and preventing scalding. If the temperature is below 49 degrees, you might be unable to soften your water, which will affect the way your clothes, hair, and skin feel. And if it’s higher than 60 degrees, your shower water will be too hot to handle.

Keep in mind that a water heater that’s set at a constant high temperature can wear out faster, so it’s really important to keep up with its maintenance needs. If the water heater seems less efficient than usual, or if you’re spending more money on heating costs, you might want to have it checked out by a professional technician. They can inspect the unit and address any minor repairs before they have a chance to progress into a larger problem.

What If I Shower Frequently?

If you live in one of Canada’s coldest regions, frequent hot showers might keep your shower water hotter than the piping system can reasonably accommodate. In this case, an energy-efficient, insulated water heater tank can make all the difference for you.

Insulated tanks hold the energy necessary to maintain hot water without the excessive heat waste that occurs in conventional heaters, while keeping your pipes and walls insulated means the heat won’t escape. An insulated tank also entails a lower temperature setting, contributing to your efficiency and saving monthly money. You can even add insulation and upgrades to give you perfect hot water whenever you need it.

If you keep your water heater set at 49 degrees Celsius or lower, two showers daily will use about 114 litres of hot water per day with a family of 6. Conserving energy by lowering your temperature may help you save some cash by offsetting other bills during the winter season.

What If I Have a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters are portable, compact, and easy to install. The heater makes a perfect addition to any home because it, too, comes in varying sizes. You can install it in the upstairs or downstairs bathroom or the basement or garage. The controls feature a small LED display and an automatic ignition pilot light for easy on/off controls. Unlike traditional units, this pilot lasts up to 25 years. For the best results, the ideal setting for a tankless unit is around 49 degrees Celsius.

Providing Professional Water Heater Installs

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